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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Orange Ricordea

Orange Ricordea

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Orange Ricordea

Seriously everyone loves orange, and our orange ricordea are straight from the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. Orange ricordea are one of the most popular colors of Florida Ricordea due to their vibrant color. They even come with shades of purple and blue. Sadly our photo doesn’t do it justice, however our reviews confirm the color is fantastic! Whether you are a beginner or seasoned aquarist, these will be perfect additions to your saltwater tank.

Orange Ricordea Mushroom Specifications

These Orange Ricordea Mushroom for sale are 1” in diameter or more and their bodies are covered in small bubble tentacles. They are considered semi-aggressive, so when you placing them in your tank, don’t put them too close to other types of coral – basically give them some breathing room and some space to grow into. Florida Ricordea are pretty hardy and they can be fragged.

Ricordea Mushroom Care

Ricordea Mushroom care is pretty straightforward and they will require minimal care once they are placed in your saltwater aquarium. Just make sure you have your tank setup correctly and they will thrive. Following are some tips to help you with caring or your ricordea mushroom coral:

  • Ricordea require low to moderate lighting – try T5 lights or led.
  • Water flow should also be kept at low to moderate
  • Water temperature should be around 75 to 80 degrees.
  • Keep them healthy with supplemental feedings. Zooplankton or phytoplankton will do the trick.

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