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Chaetomorpha, aka Chaeto Spaghetti Algae, Green Hair Algae

Chaetomorpha, aka Chaeto Spaghetti Algae, Green Hair Algae

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Chaeto Algae

Chaeto (Chaetomorpha) is a bright green macroalgae. It resembles a pile of used fishing line or green spaghetti. Chaeto alage is great for filtering nitrates and phosphates when placed in a refugium or can also be used for aquascaping. Chaeto macroalgae also provides food for your fish and corals. It is very hardy and grows rapidly. Bright lighting and a good flow will help it grow best.

Chaetomorpha, it's scientific name, is more popular than some of the other macroalgae varieties, because it does not go thru sexual reproduction which can cause problems in your tank. Also it is not the type of algae that will attach to rocks or corals and therefore is much easier to remove. And the amphipods that are produced by Chaeto are an excellent food source for fish and corals.

In this order you will receive a big handful which should be enough to start with because it grows so quickly. It's a very generous portion - you won't be disappointed!

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