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Encrusting Corky Finger Gorgonian (under 10")

Encrusting Corky Finger Gorgonian (under 10")

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Encrusting Corky Finger Gorgonian / Corky Sea Finger

The scientific name for this soft coral is briareum asbestinum. Corky Finger Gorgonians actually have several names Corky Sea Finger and our favorite - Deadman Fingers. These gorgonians are soft Caribbean Corals that we source directly from the waters off the Florida Keys. They are found in the Western Caribbean including the Bahamas and South Florida. Corky Finger Gorgonians grow in shallow water and are fairly easy to maintain in a saltwater aquarium. They look furry and typically grow in a tall column, like fingers. Healthy specimens may even grow up to 24 inches in height.

Corky Sea Finger Requirements and Facts:

  • The corky sea finger is very easy to care and a perfect soft coral for beginners.
  • Medium to strong water flow is required.
  • Fluorescent lighting or metal halides will be a good option for these gorgonians. Corky Finger Gorgonians are photosynthetic and require less light than other corals.
  • Give your gorgonian plenty of space though. They spread fast and will take over your other soft corals, so place they far enough away from the competition.
  • They eat by generating a mucus coating that traps food particles. This coating gets shed about every 10 days or so.
  • Marine algae and zooxanthellae are common food sources for the deadman fingers.
  • You can also feed them tiny live plankton.
  • Trace elements such as iodine, strontium and calcium will ensure healthy growth.
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