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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Popping Pink Pin Stripe Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

Popping Pink Pin Stripe Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

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Bright Pink Anemone With White Pin Stripes

Our photos don't do justice for these super attractive pink rock flower anemone that are trimmed with white pin stripes. If you are looking for a standout pink anemone for your reef aquarium, this particular ultra rock flower will not disappoint you. We've sourced these pink sea anemones directly from the Florida Keys. Make sure your tank has LED lighting to ensure the best possible presentation of this stunning rock flower.

Want some additional brightly colored Sea Anemone? Check out our inventory: Zebra Striped, Electric Green, Bright Red, Blood Red & Lace and more. You'll be very please with this hardy marine species that requires very little maintenance.

Caring For Your Pink Anemones

  • Once placed in your saltwater tank, this anemone will attach to a rock or the substrate. After they have settled in, they'll keep just their tentacles and oral disk exposed for feeding.
  • They do well with high or medium water flow
  • This pretty pink carnivore eats meat such as krill, mussels, shrimp, mysis and any mushed up fish.
  • Anemone tend to be aggressive and do sting, however they can't really harm humans.
  • For optimal health, add some iodine and trace elements to the tank.
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