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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Red Parvispora (Red Ogo)

Red Parvispora (Red Ogo)

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Red Parvispora / Red Ogo Macro Algae

We are offering Gracilaria Parvipora for sale, this portion is about a pint or baseball size. It's more commonly called Red Ogo and is a great addition to your tank or refugium. The main main diet for red ogo is nitrates. This macro algae has long alternating branches that are cylindrical in shape and connect a single point.

In addition to filtering nitrates from you tank it provides a nice source of food for fish and invertebrates. It's a favorite of Tang fish and is sometimes referred to as Tang Heaven. You can expect these to reach a maximum height of approximately 10". Red Parvispora is easy to maintain and requires a moderate amount of light and flow rate.

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