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Ricordea Orange Blue

Ricordea Orange Blue

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Orange and Blue Florida Ricordea Coral

We source our Orange and Blue Florida Ricordea Coral directly from the waters off the Florida Keys. These particular Florida Ricordea are stunning, however our photos simply don't do them justice. If you want to truly enjoy their full beauty, make sure you turn on your full spectrum LED lighting and you will be amazed at the vibrant color scheme for these mushroom coral.

Specifications for Orange and Blue Florida Ricordea Mushrooms

Size: At a minimum the mushroom coral you will receive will be at least 1 inch in diameter. They can often go up to 2 inches and even grow up to 3 inches in diameter
Temperament: Florida Ricordea Coral are usually
Eating Habits: By nature ricordea mushrooms are photosynthetic and produce their own nutrients. However, we recommend additional food supplements (see below) to ensure that your ricordea remain their healthiest.
Reproduction: Ricordia mushroom corals reproduce easily. You can frag or split them and grow your collection. They can also produce a larva (planula) which then develops into a new coral.

Ricordea Coral Care

Ricordea Corals are basically easy to care for, making them a perfect addition to any level of saltwater fish tank enthusiast. Stay on top of proper saltwater tank maintenance and you will have healthy ricordea corals. Following are basic requirements for keeping Ricordea coral healthy:

Lighting: Should be low to moderate. LED lights or T5 should be just fine.
Water Flow: Keep water flow at low to moderate.
Water Temperature: Caribbean ricordea coral will do well with water temperature set between 75 and 80 degrees.
Food / Supplements: Supplemental feedings will keep them healthy. Try zooplankton or phyloplankton.

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