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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Rock Anemone 3 Pack (1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Common)

Rock Anemone 3 Pack (1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Common)

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Rock Anemone 3 Pack

This 3 Pack of Rock Anemones will include 1 Red, 1 Green, and 1 Common Rock Anemone. This is the perfect option for those who simply can't choose just 1!

Green Rock Anemone

Looking to add some color to your tank? Our Green Rock Anemone is the perfect addition to your aquarium! Yes, the Green Rock Anemone is reef safe!

Red Rock Anemone

Add some Red Rock Anemone to your aquarium for added vibrancy and pop. These red rock anemone are completely reef safe and a great investment for any anemone enthusiast. It can take about 40 minutes for them to find their new home and attach themselves to the perfect rocky substrate in your saltwater tank.

These anemone are sourced from the Caribbean and are shipped directly from us to you. Rock flowers are hardy specimen that you can readily keep in your aquarium, even if you are a beginner hobbyist. Just be sure to provide meaty feedings for healthy growth and moderate to bright lighting.

Common Rock Anemone

Our common rock anemone offering is anything but common. It may be bargain priced, but our reviews speak volumes. They are beautiful and add colorful life to your saltwater aquarium. This Caribbean rock anemone is usually about 2-4 inches. Remember we recommend LED lighting to bring out the best color in your rock flower anemone. These are reef safe anemone. The common rock flower is mostly white with a slight green pattern within the tentacles. Sometimes they may have a colored mouth.

Caring For Your Rock Flowers

  • Rock flowers eat meat. Yes they are carnivores. Chopped up meaty seafood will help they grow and be healthy.
  • Iodine and trace elements will help them thrive.
  • Use LED lighting for the best color visualization.
  • They need moderate to high lighting.
  • Ensure that your tank has good filtration and water flow.
  • They are very sensitive to any change in their environment.
  • Please don't drop them right next to the aquarium heater.

Other Rock Flower Anemone For Sale

Ready to invest in Ultra Rock Flowers - these colors are superb. Electric Green, Atomic Green and Red, Green Zebra Striped, Key Lime Pie, Popping Pink Pin Stripe.

We offer some extremely eye popping variety packs. These are ultra rock flower anemone super packs which are worth the investment (best online pricing): Ultra Rock Flower 10 Pack, Ultra Rock Flower 5 Pack, Ultra Rock Flower 3 Pack.

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