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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

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Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone

What a difference having a professional photographer makes! Taken under actinic lighting, this is a stunning example of what we are calling "Strawberry Delight Pink Ultra Rock Flower Anemone". This is a great fluorescing ultra rock anemone which you won't be disappointed in adding to your saltwater aquarium or if you have decided to create a rock flower anemone garden.

These stunning rock flower anemone have been sourced from the Caribbean ocean, specifically off the coast of the Florida keys.

The size we sell are typically 1 - 3".

Ultra Rock Flower Information and Care

  • Reef Safe
  • Carnivorous
  • Not compatible with clown fish
  • Fairly hardy and easy to care for
  • Once settled will stay in one spot
  • Requires moderate to high lighting
  • Blue LEDs = best viewing colors
  • Supplements necessary for optimal health include trace elements and iodine
  • Dietary needs are mushed fish, mussels, brine shrimp, PE mysis, etc.

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