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Foxy Saltwater Tropicals

XL Purple Frilly Gorgonian (10+ inches)

XL Purple Frilly Gorgonian (10+ inches)

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Purple Frilly Gorgonian

Purple Frilly Gorgonian are also sometimes called Purple Plume. This sea fan has irregular branches of varying sizes and tends to grow in a more horizontal than vertical direction and in a single plane. With the branches extended they have a feather like plume appearance. We collect Purple Frilly Gorgonians from off the coast of the Florida Keys and they are typically found in offshore reefs. They require a moderate level of skill to maintain in a reef aquarium. You'll be please with the natural movement of this marine coral.

We recommend giving them some space in your aquarium as they can be semi-aggressive. So make sure you find a spot where they have some room to flow along with the water current.

Caring For Your Purple Filly Gorgonian Coral:

  • Like other gorgonians, you need to keep a moderate to high water flow in order to prevent algae from growing on your sea fan. Cyanobacteria can develop and cause quick deterioration in your gorgonian's health.
  • As these are photosynthetic corals you should be prepared to provide moderate to high lighting.
  • Water temperature should be maintained between 74°F- 82°F.
  • Weekly food supplements should be included in their diet. Flaked fish food and brine shrimp are good options.

Interested in other types of purple gorgonians? Check out our Purple Whip and Purple Bush varietals.

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